What Would Jesus Do?

What Would Jesus Do?

Why did Jesus tell so many parables? He did because our brains are wired for stories. We learn best and remember more when ideas are presented in story form.

The art of politics is no different. In the political arena a party or candidate must tell coherent, emotionally compelling memorable stories. These stories must be about what you stand for. The party and the candidate who possess the most memorable and most emotional story win. We often hear candidate ‘A’ had “bags of money” so we lost. Campaigns aren’t won with bags of anything. Money is necessary and does help but having bags of it does not always help.

To win, a candidate or party must be able to convince the voter through words, body language and actions that he or she shares the voter’s values. The candidate or party must demonstrate that they understand the voter and are just like them. They must either inspire the nation or they must convince the nation that they can save them from dangers.

Candidates who win the hearts and minds of the voters are the ones who can put together an array of emotionally compelling stories about who they are and who their opponent is. The Democratic Party typically does a better job of telling emotional stories about their beliefs. Republicans do a better job talking about ideas. The Democrat Party has for years gotten away with the mantra that they are for the little guy. The truth is that they use the little guy to gain power but their policies only hurt the little guy.

Just look at the Affordable Healthcare Act. This act, railroaded through by a Democratic Party, obligates and punishes the little guy over healthcare. That is just one example.

The Republican Party needs you to run for office. It won’t take a lot of money but it will take a lot of work on your part. Now is the time to begin working on your story. Make it emotional and compelling and when the qualifying time arrives put your name on the ballot and fight like hell to win!

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