Loving America Again!

Loving America Again!

I woke this morning to headlines about a young male who was arrested for running down pedestrians at a Virginia rally for white supremacy. Why is the question. Why would someone get so worked up in a lather to run down other young Americans. In my opinion, when people never learn to love their country, they can never learn to love anything beyond themselves.

In one of his speeches about brother fighting brother in the Civil War, Lincoln spoke of “mystic chords of memory”. Lincoln felt that guns and canons would only save America for a short time. Mystic chords would allow us to heal wounds between families and bring us back to a union once more. Lincoln showed us that “we the people” were much more than just a voting bloc, we were a nation and that loving our country is necessary if America was to survive.

Is it then possible that if generation after generation grows up without knowing how to love our country it will eventually die by suicide? Embarrassing news items dating back to our founding up to today’s headlines, as painful as they are to see, are ok. They help us clear the air, face our demons and continue to move forward. Our national pride will have limits and it doesn’t mean we march step blindly behind a positional leader. If followed blindly we would be like those who say America is the problem. Both would be acting under a false understanding.

With the help of a free and unbiased press we bring our boils to the surface and painfully rid ourselves of their infection. We are a better country when we do.

Learn to love America through our remembrances, “mystic chords of memory”, though our patriotic holidays, songs, books, movies and most of all through our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. When you learn to love America then you will be in a position to love little things beyond yourself.

May God continue to Bless America!

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