Make America Great Again? First Men Must Become Great Again!

Make America Great Again? First Men Must Become Great Again!

The idea for this blog came to me the day after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. His election shocked me and most of the world. His election disrupted the forces of mediocrity that have been cemented in Washington D.C. What I was not expecting was all the crying and gnashing of teeth by males (not men). I was aghast at the sit-ins, cry rooms and safe spaces demanded by the males in and around college campuses.

It made me ask the question what the hell has happened to the American male and men in general. How in the hell did we get from a country settled by high testosterone risk takers from Europe to male-babies that cry over an election outcome. There were two competing questions in my mind that were forming as I watched the crying take place before my eyes on national television. One, was this just a case where the American public was hood-winked by another politician? Did the American male once again fall for the politician who was going to deliver free goods and services to the voter free of charge?

For decades we have fallen in to the trap of the typical politician who says that: “I will give you what you want and it will cost you nothing. Hey American coal miner, do you want your job back? Hey high school graduate who can’t do math, do you want a free college education? No problem, I have the answers to your needs. All you need to do is vote for me!

The street level drug dealer and the typical politician subscribe to the same talking points. They both pretend to provide something for nothing. In the grownup man’s world, something for nothing does not exist. Yet politicians sell it to us, and we fall for it every time hook line and sinker. Tell me why?

The weak kneed American, the liberal democrat, the snowflake-man-child, and the addict operate out of the identical mindset. Each looks to others—specifically others they perceive to be more affluent or capable—to supply their needs or solve their problems without any pain, effort, or risk. Each of the identified sets of people above learn to get comfortable with what they feel is “entitlements”.

The politician will say “I will get you what you want and it will cost you nothing. The situations in which you find yourself are not your fault. You are blameless and what is worse, you were taken advantage of and betrayed by (insert current politically hated group here). I, the all-mighty saving politician, upon whom you shall now, by my mercy, take your vengeance, is on the scene to save you from life’s painful situations. All you need to do is vote for me! You need pay nothing for the solution to your problem. We will take the money from the (insert current politically hated group here, subject to change).

Let’s take a view from the up-from-the-bootstrap-manliness prism: A true man’s approach says I will expect no opportunity and no rewards until I have first created value for someone else.

A PBS “American Masters” documentary about David Geffen, who rose from humble beginnings in Brooklyn to become a giant in the entertainment business and eventually a renowned philanthropist, said when he was a boy, was offered the following piece of wisdom by his mother:

“You’d better learn to like to work, because we have no money and you’re going to be working for the rest of your life.” That is sage advice for all of us.

Filtering life through the manliness prism tells a man, whatever I want, whatever situation-problems confront me and my family, no one is going to solve them but me. If its to be its up to me. The only way I will change my circumstances for the better is through good common sense and hard work.

The only times I can  think where life is not rough, tough and hard-core is when it is portrayed in the speeches of candidates campaigning for office and the summer beach reading novels. Remember these inspirational and aspirational speeches?

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”? John F. Kennedy

“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” By Winston Churchill

Or the second possibility is that America has lost a generation of males who don’t know what it is like to be a man and what it takes to become one? In my mind the males, and the premise of this blog is that today’s males have no idea what it means to be a man. This blog is not a politically correct document. This blog hits the male right in the gut and between the eyes and it serves as a reminder to women what a true man is or should be. I truly believe in my premise that if you want America to regain its stature in the world, If you want America to be Great Again, as Donald Trump said over and over again, you must make men great again. The only people who can accomplish this is men themselves.

What I am not saying is that males need to be big hairy testosterone filled Neanderthals. What I am saying is that a return to some manliness principles on the part of our fellow males will not only make them successful individually and pay huge dividends in their lot in life but it will also make America the land of the free and home of the brave. I guarantee it.

 You, like I, are on a mission to create something incredible and indelible. We’re not here for mediocrity. We are not attempting to fit in and be politically acceptable. We’re not trying to blend in; to be amongst the crowd. We aren’t concerned with being average, with creating average lives, taking the easy path, or coloring inside the lines.  We  want to release the super-hero in all of us.

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